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The Game Boards

For years, we have been making up these activity game boards for the kids. At first, it was a way to just keep them busy. Then it became about helping them expand their horizons. Then it was just plain fun and they actually loved them. As for the points, we made up our own and you can too. You get to decide what the points are worth in your home. You can make it for gift cards, "get-out-of-chores" card, "Add 15 minutes to bedtime", etc. Anyway, Just click on the image below to download the board (pdf). And if you want to play our Cookie Babies Bucks Game Boards where the kids can win Cookie Babies Bucks to earn their own Cookie Babies, read the section about it right here on this page. Whichever you decide, I hope you enjoy!

                                                                                     - Rachel

Expanding Horizons Game Board: 07.22.17

Game Board 072217 Snippet.jpg

Expanding Horizons Game Board: 06.03.18

Game Board Snippet 06 03 18B.jpg

Cookie Babies Bucks

Game Boards

Join our weekly activity game boards for kids (<18 to play/win) where you can participate in fun challenges and get Cookie Babies Bucks rewards along the way. 

How do you play?

First, this is for the kids, so if you're 18+, you'll need to go find a kid and play along with them :-)

Next, in order to earn your Cookie Babies Bucks, you'll need an email address and Instagram account (parents account ok).


Be sure to follow JackiesCookieBabies on Instagram. If you have a private account, you'll need to allow us to follow you.

So we can get you playing, we're going to take a few moments to get a little info from you:


"A little info"

Thanks, now on to the good stuff!

You're just about ready to get your game board. Here's what you need to know.

The game board has 25 activity challenges. Each challenge is recorded (so you can get your points) either by a photo, a video or in writing. Photos and videos should be posted to your Instagram account and tag us @JackiesCookieBabies #CookieBabiesBucks. You can post those as you complete them or all at once at the end. But make sure you post them before the deadline for each board (this one ends 11:59p PT 4/3/20). For written challenges, email what you have written to Last thing ... keep your game board and place an "X" through each challenge you complete. When you're all done, take a photo of the board and email it to Once we have your completed boards, we will email you with verification of your score and your Cookie Babies Bucks. You can redeem your Cookie Babies Bucks in our Gift Shop. Just look for the Cookie Babies Bucks section, select your item, enter your personal Cookie Babies Bucks code, and we'll get those Cookie Babies right out to you.

Ok, you're ready to go. Have fun!

Click here to download your game board. In order to play for Cookie Babies Bucks, you must use the current game board (not any others listed on this page.)

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