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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Jackie's Cookie Babies?

Jackie's Cookie Babies are bite-sized, snacking cookies. Born from the same fabulous home style dough we've been baking since 1979, Jackie's Cookie Babies are CRISP-ity, CRUNCH-ity, POP-able, SNACK-able Nuggets of ABSOLUTE COOKIE TASTINESS.  And at about only 15 calories per cookie, you can enjoy a guilty pleasure that's a lot less guilty and a lot more pleasure! Jackie's Cookie Babies are typically packaged in beautiful, clear, resealable, plastic tubes (note, once you finish your cookies, the tubes are easy to clean and we encourage you to find great uses around the house, office or for school projects ... take pics and send to us!) or clear, resealable, stand-up pouches.

Can I get Jackie's Cookie Babies in my local grocery store?

Jackie's Cookie Babies have been sold in stores in more than half of the US states. Since Cookie Babies are a bit of a "treasure hunt" find, popping up for limited runs here and there, and with our store list is growing all the time, the best way to find out where we are is to follow us on social media, or use the chat feature right on the bottom of this page, or just drop us an email.  And of course if we're not in your local grocery store, please let them know you would love them to carry Jackie's Cookie Babies and they should give us a holler. Follow us on twitter (@CookieBabies) and instagram (@JackiesCookieBabies).

Can I purchase Jackie's Cookie Babies here on the website?

We do make limited size batches available right here on "The Gift Shop" page of our website. 

What happened to the Jackie's Cookie Connection bakery in West Los Angeles?

We outgrew our little bakery and our final day was January 31, 2020. Thank you to all our fans who stopped by during our five years there. We hope you continue to get your fix by purchasing those Cookie Babies we've been baking for you! For more on the bakery closure, please visit our news page.

Are your cookies Kosher?

Jackie's Cookie Babies are certified Kosher OU (dairy). 


Are there peanuts and other allergens in your cookies?

Depending on the variety, Jackie's Cookie Babies may contain MILK, EGGS, WHEAT, SOY, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS. Our cookies are manufactured in facilities and on shared equipment which processes peanuts, milk, soy, eggs, wheat, tree nuts and seeds.  For a complete list of our ingredients, please click here.  


Can I view a list of your ingredients?

Absolutely! We are very proud of the quality and consistency of the ingredients in Jackie's Cookie Babies – no additives or preservatives.  For a list of our ingredients, please click here.  If you would like any additional nutritional information, please click here and we'll be happy to help.

What varieties of Jackie's Cookie Babies do you have (availability varies throughout the year - check The Gift Shop page to see what's available now)?

Peanut Butter 

Oatmeal Raisin

Over The Rainbow

Classic Chocolate Chip 

Oh My Ginger (seasonal)

Chocolate Chocolate Chip (a rare find ;-)

Boysenberry Chocolate Chip (seasonal)
Pepperminty Chocolatey Chip​​ (seasonal)

Sugar with Candy Covered Chocolate Pieces

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