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First Things First

Every day, every night, while we work, play and sleep, they have our backs. We’re covered. We’re safe. They are out there. They are watching. And when something happens, they respond. First, fast. They put our needs before theirs. Always. They are our first responders. 


Nothing we do can ever truly repay them for their sacrifices. However we can say thank you. So each day, before we mix, bake, pack or ship, we take a few moments to recognize our first responders by sending them a care package of Cookie Babies. 


If you would like to share a story of your local first responders, we would love to hear about it so we can add them to our gift list. In advance, thank you for thanking them.


If you are interested in personally sending gifts to first responders, please contact us about our first responder gift discount program.  

Please note that we send First Things First First Responder Cookie Babies Care Packages out Monday thru Friday. Providing information on this page does not guarantee a package will be sent. If we do send a package to your first responder(s), we will notify you it has been sent. We will also include a note letting them know who it was (you!) who write in to us to thank them. By submitting the information requested on this page, you acknowledge that we may share your first responder story on our social media pages, website and other media. If we do so, we will not use your full name or any other personal identifying information.

A bit about you and your first responders:

Thanks for sharing!

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