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Magic Cookie Jar™ - Classic Chocolate Chip

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Everyone will want to get caught with their hand in this HUGE cookie jar! This incomparable classic glass cookie jar comes filled with

FOUR AND A HALF POUNDS of CRISP-ity, CRUNCH-ity Cookie Babies. Four and a half pounds? What happened to the rest of the NINE POUNDS? Yup, that's where the "magic" come in ;-) Just like the genie, all you have to do is rub the jar and it will magically refill with cookies. How's that for magic? Ok, that's not exactly how it works. BUT you (or your gifteee if this was a gift) will receive with their jar, a card with information on how to easily claim their truly FREE REFILL (we don't even charge additional shipping). And when they get their jar, eat their cookies, order their refill and eat their cookies again, there will be no question about the genuine magicalness of the whole darn thing. Let's review.


--- 4.5 lbs of Jackie‘s Cookie Babies (Classic Chocolate Chip) in a beautiful glass jar (please note that while the actual style of the jar may differ from the image, the amount of cookies ... and the magic, remains the same :-)

--- FREE REFILL CARD (4.5 additional pounds!) with instructions to receive your refill (FREE SHIPPING on refill!)



9 lbs of cookies ($1.32/ounce)

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I've been baking these cookies for my family, friends and myself for years. I hope you will enjoy them in your home, and share them as gifts for anyone in your life who deserves something special. Enjoy!
                                                                                           - Rachel Galant (CEO)










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