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The Big Bag of Babies w/ option to add a custom jar.

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This item for cookie monsters only.

If you love cookies ... no, we mean really, really LOVE cookies ... specifically CRISPity CRUNCHity POPable SNACKable nuggets of ABSOLUTE COOKIE TASTINESS, this is for you.

We'll send you a box. But that's not the exciting part. Inside the box is a bag. That's not the exciting part. Inside the bag is 4.5 POUNDS of Cookie Babies. Yup, that's the insanely exciting part!

Want somewhere awesomely cool to store your massive amount of Cookie Babies? Upgrade your purchase with a beautiful custom Cookie Babies glass apothecary jar. Available in small (your Big Bag of Babies will fill it twice) and large (your Big Bag of Babies will fill it perfectly).

And so in the words of a friend of ours, "Num, num, num. Coooookie"!

Unless you select to purchase one of the cookie jars, this item does NOT come with a cookie jar.


4.5 lbs of cookies ($1.11/ounce)

If you are looking for your complimentary MAGIC COOKIE JAR™ REFILL, do not purchase this item.

Did you buy from us or receive a gift of a MAGIC COOKIE JAR™? Is it empty? Have you not yet received your MAGIC COOKIE JAR™ complimentary refill? If not, let's get it refilled in a jiffy! A card came with your jar. On it are the instructions you need to get your one complimentary refill (not even any shipping charges). So please follow the instructions on the card and we'll send your FREE REFILL. Enjoy! If you cannot find the refill info card, please email and we'll be happy to assist.

If you have already received your complimentary refill and you just LOVE these Cookie Babies we've been baking for you, you can just purchase your next refill bag here. Your shipping is free as well :-) Enjoy!

*Free shipping applies to orders delivered to addresses in the continental US. Ground shipping only. One more quick note. We take great care of getting your cookie out the door ...but then it's in the hands of the sherpas of shipping :-) If your package arrives in anything other than perfect condition, please take a pic, send it to us, an we'll make things right.

The image of Rachel with bags of cookies appearing on this page is for promotional purposes only and are not intended to represent the actual product as delivered. The image of the Cookie Babies Cookie Jars are photos of the actual jars you may purchase on this page (reminder the jars purchased on this page do NOT ship filled ... you will receive the Big Bag of Babies and the Cookie Jar separately). The image of the Cookie Babies shown in all photos, ARE actual Cookie Babies :-)

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I've been baking these cookies for my family, friends and myself for years. I hope you will enjoy them in your home, and share them as gifts for anyone in your life who deserves something special. Enjoy!
                                                                                           - Rachel Galant (CEO)










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