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As published in the Santa Monica Daily Press, 2/7/20



Positioning her Upstart Cookie Babies Brand for Growth, CEO Rachel Galant Bids Farewell to the Venerable West LA Jackie’s Cookie Connection Bakery 


LOS ANGELES, California, January 5, 2020

With growth powered by a passionate, loyal and steadily increasing fan base, CEO Rachel Galant’s Los Angeles based “Cookie Babies” company is expanding beyond its West LA digs. Rachel’s Jackie’s Cookie Connection bakery (at the NW corner of Santa Monica Blvd and S Bundy Dr) will be closing its doors for the final time on January 31, 2020. The company will run its production, logistics and operations via a network of strategically located facilities. Company headquarters will remain in Los Angeles. Rachel shares, “While I love having the bakery, which has been our headquarters for the past five years, and a playground where customers and friends can visit, we’ve simply outgrown it. I still roll up my sleeves and enjoy making cookies (since Rachel has a direct hand in everything from ensuring strict adherence to the family recipes to making dough and baking the cookies, it’s very possible anyone enjoying one of the 30 million or so Cookie Babies she’s produced to date, could be eating a cookie made for them by the company CEO herself), but the result of building out a more robust and dynamic infrastructure is that I can now focus on sharing Cookie Babies with a wider audience. I want to be more responsive to the consistent stream of requests we get from all over the country and the world, asking us to make it easier to purchase Cookie Babies locally. We’re laying the plans to do just that.” 

Since 2015, Jackie’s Cookie Connection (the name carried on from a chain of East Coast cookie stores her mom had back in the late 70’s and early 80’s) has been the anchor for Rachel Galant’s cookie business. After finding early success selling large oven-fresh cookies at a number of kiosks at shopping malls throughout the Los Angeles area, Rachel opened her West LA bakery to “meet production demands and add a home base for company operations”.  She goes on to say, “after initially baking out of my house, then working at a shared commercial kitchen, I really needed a larger place with more flexibility. I also wanted a place where people could walk in and buy the cookies right where we made them.” 


In 2014 Rachel began field testing a new version of her cookies. Based on the tried and true family recipes she launched crispy little cookies formally, “Jackie’s Cookie Connection Babies” (commonly referred to as “Cookie Babies”). These “handmade snacking cookies” packaged in category leading, “beautifully transparent glasslike tubes”, quickly gained popularity at her mall kiosks and the bakery. With a longer shelf life than the traditional large soft cookies, it wasn’t long before Rachel was selling her “Cookie Babies” in grocery, specialty, big box and club stores including Sam’s Club and Costco. Now with an eye towards the future of the brand, Rachel says “Closing up shop there is bittersweet. But the end of one journey is the start of another”. As for the next steps for the Cookie Babies brand, Rachel has a vision as clear as her cookie tubes. “Whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, special events, corporate gifting or just to give someone something special, Cookie Babies will be the obvious choice for giving The Extraordinary Gift of Extraordinary Cookies.”


Customers can continue to purchase Cookie Babies at their local grocery store, online at or on For the final days of the bakery, the company will post special hours on it’s website, and at


David Sonkin

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